Client: Alcatel Lucent
Services: Infographic Design

Alcatel-Lucent Book Launch Assets

For the past 90 years, Bell Labs have been pioneers of science and technology. So it was a surprise to learn that The Future X Network was its first published book. For this notable moment, we collaborated with Alcatel-Lucent to create promotional assets for their much-anticipated book launch.

The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective

As you might expect, their findings were very comprehensive. They explored the limits of current technology with a view of 2020 and beyond. What they found is that we’re at the dawn of a new era in networking that will define the future of human existence. The book is loaded with statistics and dense information that validated their vision.

CGI Interactive crafted a narrative that pulled the most relevant research together into a contextual story flow. With that as our foundation, we created three separate deliverables, adjusting the content for each to take advantage of their format strengths.

Interactive Infographic

With the book art and Alcatel-Lucent brand as our guide, we designed and animated an Interactive Infographic. The project was on a very fast timeline requiring all of the assets to be completed in a two-week timeframe. Our experience with new web-based tools and “can do” attitude saved the day. We pulled together a lean team to keep the communications fluid and production agile.

“You couldn’t have asked for a better [client] team to work with. They were open to hearing our suggestions based on our expertise, they made quick decisions — and when they didn’t have an answer, they provided the direction we needed within hours, helping make this project a success.”

Rob, Lead Designer



Print Handout

During the live book launch, the guests and press were given a copy of the book, along with a condensed version of the infographic as a handout. Reluctant to give up too much content from the interactive version, we designed the piece as a trifold so the audience could use it as a reference and place it in the book to mark pages.


The book’s promotional team knew that they were going to need a presentation, but didn’t know what it was going to say. Not a unique situation, but they wouldn’t know until the weekend before the launch event, which was on a Monday in London. So our solution was to create a library of visual assets that they could use as needed — giving them the freedom to create the presentation themselves, on-the-fly.

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