Client: EMC
Services: Presentation, Motion Design

EMC Momentum 2015 Creative

Year 3 working with the wonderful team at the EMC Enterprise Content Division to create a number of great assets for EMC Momentum 2015! We created the visual theme, the videos, app style design and keynote presentations. With so many assets to create in just a few weeks, it was all hands on deck for this conference.


Promo Videos

CGI created 6 promo videos to be shared, Tweeted, and Facebooked to EMC prospects and customers. The EMC team wanted to cover a host of reasons to come to EMCW and EMC Momentum and roll them out on a weekly basis to drive attendance.

We went all out and enlisted the help of our Lead Developer, Step, as the main talent in the first video! Step always has such great delivery. It took 20 minutes to get that cat to stay on the table long enough for the shoot. Enjoy!


Gotta have some gamification

We designed the look of two mobile apps for MMTM 2015. One was a trivia game that celebrated 25 years of Documentum and the other a means to get accreditation.

These games were promoted in the EMC Momentum booth and the Momentum Lounge.

Booth digital

The booth was designed with 7 80" displays with a portrait setup. For EMC Momentum 2015, we created a series of motion graphics that covered the conference logo, products, solutions and the industries ECD focuses on, as well as promotions for the event games. The graphics were displayed in a variety of ways. Some would flow across the screens while others were mirrored on each screen. The goal here was to create motion graphics that would be compelling but not annoying as they looped in the booth.


Keynote presentation

We worked closely with the EMC creative team and executives to make sure that every aspect of the keynote was flawless. We kicked it off with an opening video that looked back at the last 25 years of technology.

Watch the keynote