Client: EMC
Services: Web Design

EMC Enterprise Content Division

CGI has been working for the EMC Enterprise Content Division (formerly IIG) for 5 years. We teamed up to create assets ranging from iPad sales tools and presentations, to webpages and videos. The division’s latest push was to update their web presence which includes 3 main products. We started by tackling an identity for the division that would jive with the overarching EMC brand.

Customer Stories

A big part of the ECD story revolves around the tagline “We take content seriously.” EMC Enterprise Content Division customers manage incredibly important content and in many cases, vast amounts of it. We provided a look into some of these customer stories and we’re currently in the process of expanding these with more detailed content.



After wrapping up the main ECD page we moved on to Documentum and InfoArchive. Documentum is really a key platform for ECD and is a name that has been around for a 25 years. The page channels users into either product categories or industries. While all industry pages have been updated with this new look and feel, we’re currently undertaking the redesign of the product category pages.



InfoArchive is a product that was given more prominence and priority within ECD. We created an identity and logo mark for InfoArchive that feels like a sister identity to Documentum. Since InfoArchive is a great product to sell in tandem with EMC hardware, we went with a darker design to create a stronger visual tie to some of the EMC hardware products.


Standard Video Intro

We also created a standard introduction stinger for video assets. The creative inspiration comes from the line “We take content seriously” and is meant to be a quick splash of the identity before the video content plays.

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