Client: Dell EMC
Services: Keynote Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Dev

Dell Technologies World 2018

Global Partner Summit

What an amazing year for Dell Technologies! We’ve been thrilled to work with the Dell EMC Partner Program team again to flesh out this year’s theme and pull together a series of presentations and videos for both the main stage as well as breakout sessions.

What we created...

  • Theme creative
  • Event landing page
  • Video loop as audience arrived
  • Opening video
  • Main stage presentations
  • Motion graphics based announcement
  • Breakout sessions presentations





General Session

While the event was at the end of April, we began collaborating with the client in February on possible themes and worked through graphical treatments for a variety of ideas. Many ideas were thrown in the ring but we settled on Roar which represents strength, voice, and tied to the African Safari President’s Circle Trip.

The mainstage experience began with a beautiful series of looping scenic animations that played across the 130’ x 18’ screen. We worked with 13 presenters to create a cohesive 2-hour experience that also incorporated backdrop stills and animations for several musical acts.

Thank you for the phenomenal support last week! You guys seriously rock. Those slides were BEAUTIFUL.

— Partner Program, Dell EMC


Event Landing Page

Once we had established the creative direction for this “event within an event” the first order of business was to rapidly design and develop a responsive landing page that would provide partners with relevant content. Most importantly, since many Dell partners had attended a similar event in October, the landing page had to educate them on how this event would be different, what new experiences would be offered, and ultimately why they should attend. We’d call it a success as there was record turnout totaling around 4,000 partners.

Breakout Sessions

This year we created a template and slide library as well as custom layouts for 11 different breakout session presentations all of which included multiple presenters as well as "fireside chat" type moments.


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