Client: Dell EMC
Services: Keynote Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Dev

Dell EMC World 2017

It was great to be back in Vegas with the Dell EMC team

We were really excited to join the Dell EMC team in Las Vegas for Dell EMC World 2017. This was our sixth year designing for the event and it’s been great to be part of the massive transformation that is happening with the powerful combination of Dell and EMC. We worked on a variety of projects that ranged from a landing page to general session keynote presentations and motion graphics.

General session presentations

For the main stage keynotes we expanded on the initial event graphics designed by the Dell EMC creative team. The process started with creating key slides that leveraged the hexagons from the event graphics and layouts that would cover the various types of content in the presentations. This gave both our team, as well as Dell EMC a library of basic layouts to build upon. After years of working on executive level presentations we understand that changes happen rapidly, so having a great visual foundation to work from helped to make the process run smoothly and efficiently. The results were beautiful, especially once they were up on the massive event screens!

IoT Presentation Video

We also collaborated with the Dell EMC team to come up with some simple yet slick animations for the IoT segment of Jeff Clark's general session keynote. Through playback pro we were able to segment the video so that that we could take advantage of nicer animations but still give the presenter the ability to click through the scenario.




Couldn’t have presented ourselves better than with the help of your crew at CGI. It was my and our pleasure working with all of you. I’d say... that CGI is very much a go to agency for presentation design.

— Jim Robert, Dell EMC

Global Partner Summit

Bringing together partners from both Dell and EMC for the first time meant that this year’s Global Partner Summit had to set the bar and create energy among the partner community. The CGI team came up with creative designs that leveraged the general Dell EMC World theme but also gave the Partner Summit a slightly more sophisticated edge to speak to the primarily c-suite audience.

Event Landing Page

Once we had established the creative direction for this “event within an event” the first order of business was to rapidly design and develop a responsive landing page that would provide partners with relevant content. Most importantly, since many Dell partners had attended a similar event in October, the landing page had to educate them on how this event would be different, what new experiences would be offered, and ultimately why they should attend. We’d call it a success as there was record turnout totaling around 4,000 partners.

GPS Presentation Design

Nothing drives our team more than knowing that an executive feels excited to present your work. That said, it was a collaborative effort between both the CGI and Dell EMC teams to hone the messaging and creative to put forward the tone and level of energy that John Byrne, President of Dell EMC Global Channel Sales, was looking for. The two-hour session combined a keynote presentation, guest speakers, as well as a panel discussion. We created all of the slide content as well as a video loop for walk-in and titles for each speaker. The show was a great success and we were proud to be part of it!

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