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We were excited to partner with LogMeIn again on their annual CXNext event. This time around, the conference gave us a new challenge — reimagine the event experience, and quickly, to be 100% virtual. We collaborated with LogMeIn on a total of 10 sessions, from a CEO Welcome keynote, to panels and forums and awards.


Design a visual approach that helps to bridge the gap from an in person event to a virtual one. Create still and motion graphics based on the event branding that help to tie together the event.

  • Strategy

    Design direction

  • Design

    Presentation design, Motion design

  • Client


Project overview

An event

A new format brings with it new challenges — our team needed to consider how an at-home audience would engage with the content/sessions. Luckily for us, we had the opportunity to be inspired by some of the engaging discussions in their panels and forums. We went to work quickly, creating a new design approach that would aid viewers in following the conversation while also keeping their attention.

Event Branding

Session recap

While this was a scheduled event, the relevance of the sessions and content needed to extend beyond the event day. We worked with the LogMeIn team to create a series of recap videos along with short clips to post on social channels. We used quick cuts and fast paced animations to help generate excitement and target those that missed the event.



Women in Tech

EX Breakout

CX Breakout

CX Forum

What We Made



Presentation design

The team helped to define a balance between presenter and on screen content, and created graphics to be composited with recorded video of the presenters.


Motion design

We created a series of recap videos to promote accessing the event post show.

What we created

  • CEO welcome presentation
  • Guest keynote presentation
  • Product launch presentations
  • Visual engagement video (and Sizzle clips)
  • CX breakout presentation
  • EX breakout presentation
  • Women in Tech Forum presentation
  • Customer Engagement Forum presentation
  • Employee Support Forum presentation
  • Awards & closing presentation

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