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Conquest Cyber

With barrages of cyberattacks happening every second, Conquest Cyber is aggressive when it comes to protecting data and rapidly responding to breaches and attacks. This video highlights their dedication to keeping business data safe on an ever-evolving digital battlefield.


Tell a visually compelling story that shares the intensity and importance of Conquest Cyber’s security solutions against cyber warfare.

  • Strategy

    Visual concept

  • Design

    Motion design

  • Client

    Conquest Cyber

Project overview

Visual storytelling
at work

Color, imagery, and movement play a big role in keeping audiences engaged when creating a video without narration, so we pushed visual storytelling to the forefront of this video for Conquest Cyber. We chose newspaper clippings to convey the dated nature of some businesses current cybersecurity and increased the speed of clippings on-screen to set an intense and stressed tone. These headlines are wiped away when the US flag flips to the product interface – alerting viewers that Conquest Cyber has the nation and its businesses back when it comes to cyber protection. To show the software in action, we presented each core assessment feature that you’d find on the product dashboard neutralizing a threat on the digital map to show effectiveness to viewers.

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