Services: Motion Design Product Walkthrough and Amazon Connect have come together to provide their users with an exciting new cloud-based contact center solution. They came to CGI Interactive with the goal of visualizing this new integration and partnership.

With a quick turnaround and some screenshot direction, we took the ball and ran with it. Key elements were designed around the idea that this product walkthrough video had to be digestible and impactful. With a branding foundation built on a logo and color palette, we started to create visual language that supported not only the screens being shown, but the secondary elements as well.


CGI did a fantastic job to produce this high quality piece in record time. Not to mention, it was our first project with them! They are a great partner for

— Carl Blume, Director of Marketing

Fantastic interaction

A week after the video was posted live, we are happy to note that is getting fantastic interaction. With over 137K views on their initial Twitter post and rising, we can confidently say that many are embracing the new partnership between and Amazon Connect.

With a short turnaround and a few screenshots for direction, our team successfully created a digestible and impactful video, as well as, a new and exciting partnership with a great client!