Client: Bigtincan
Services: Brand, Presentation, Interactive

The Big Picture


BTC-logo.png#asset:1040It’s easy to say you have an all-in-one mobile content platform and quite another to prove it. Bigtincan knows exactly when to serve up just what a customer needs at every stage of the sales cycle. It has the intelligence to see the big picture by measuring content use and determining its financial impact. It can also train a global sales force. We were impressed. So what started with a presentation, quickly turned into a partnership. Now we work together to create engaging mobile experiences as well as a host of marketing assets.

Logo Design


Overview Presentation

“When it comes to creating a memorable presentation, sometimes old school is the best approach. In this case, our client came to our kickoff meeting armed with sketches and ready to collaborate. Using them as our core building blocks, we sketched in the blanks, rearranged, tore out just the ideas we liked and tossed the ones we didn’t. Well, we didn’t have the heart to throw them out, so on the kitchen fridge they went. “

Sue, Art Director

App Design

To help them grow their customers in the financial market, we created this guided selling app using a fabricated investment company with mock content. Now it’s easy for financial institutions to see how Bigtincan can be used for their specific needs.

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