Client: EMC
Services: Identity Design, Web

Make the LEAP

Leaping into a brand new identity.

The EMC Enterprise Content Division had a new and exciting product that they were bringing to market. LEAP is a platform and marketplace for content management apps. Since it was was not typical to past EMC offerings, it needed an identity to help differentiate it. CGI created both the new identity for LEAP as well as the initial family of application icons that would be available at launch. We created an array of assets to make sure that the launch was a huge success and the brand was off to a solid start.


Responsive Website

For the website, we focused on the fact that this product represents a strong leap to the cloud for content management software. The thought behind LEAP is to take normally complex software packages and break them down into simple apps that do one thing really well. The site and identity needed to mirror that sense of simplicity without sacrificing the power behind the solution.

see it in action




Application Icons

The initial family of application icons use a circle as a consistent structure for their design. Eventually EMC partners will be able to add their own applications into the LEAP marketplace. So we wanted to ensure that the EMC applications had a recognizable visual approach that tied them all together.



Once again we teamed up with our friends at Guy Bauer Productions to create some great videos for the LEAP team. Guy and team have an incredible talent for bringing real people to the screen and making their story shine. Combine that with the LEAP identity and you’ve got one hell of a winning combo.

Courier Overview

The featured application, Courier, warranted a quick overview. The goal, showcase how exchanging content can be exciting without sacrificing functionality or security. As always, the Guy Bauer team did a great job bringing to life the product team’s thoughts and showing off the interface.

Courier Key Concepts

We pulled together some descriptive animations to help explain a few key concepts of the solution. Creating explainer videos is a marketing tactic that a lot of software and app companies are doing these days. They help customers quickly assess if the product is the right fit and they provide a path for them to follow to learn more. R.I.P. 5 min overview videos


While web and video are a huge part of an identity; in the field, sales reps need tools that help them have meaningful conversations with customers. To help round out the LEAP identity, we created a presentation layout foundation that their marketing and sales teams could use. Now they can show what they need to show, when they need to show it without sacrificing a branded, professional look.

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