Client: Bose
Services: Interaction Design, Web

Be Flexible

An interactive sales tool provides a flexible approach.

Taking center stage in this interactive sales tool is the Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker System. Promoting features and use cases, we created this app to include a full interactive tour of the system giving it both flexibility and functionality.

“By using a 3D model, and carefully thinking through the navigation system, we were able to create an experience that allowed the viewer to feel as if the speaker were in the same room with them…guiding them through exactly how it functioned. Working with the Bose team and their 3D models gave us some amazing flexibility to show the product’s details and highlight features that would have otherwise been impossible to represent in this format. It’s exciting to take something that is being viewed on a flat screen and make it feel so multi-dimensional.”

Tracy, Art Director


“Bose provided us with a fully developed 3D model that their industrial designers had created. We were able to convert the model and composite it with our own scene textures and lighting, giving us the flexibility to do all kinds of fun things. We had full freedom to animate revealing cutaway views, close-ups and a demonstration of the setup process. The amount of detail is pretty amazing.”

Rob, Motion Designer