Client: FARO Technologies
Services: Video

FARO 3D Animated Video

FARO brings groundbreaking 3D measurement solutions to companies throughout the world

What’s cooler than working on videos that feature lasers? Nothing. FARO came to us to help demonstrate the capabilities of the Tracer M Laser Projector with 3D animation. The Tracer M enables 3D measurement and laser guidance for industries like aerospace, shipbuilding, defense and more. We worked with the FARO team to understand the 4 key use cases for the product and craft videos that told the story through text on screen rather than a voiceover. This approach enabled sales reps to become the voiceover and could also be used in a series of webinars.


For the design approach we established the product in a realistic 3D environment and then used a wireframe look for everything but the product and the fabricated parts as we dove into the details of how the product functions. Our Sr. Motion Designer, Rob Edwards, gave us a behind the scenes look at the project in the video below.

Behind the Scenes

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