Client: e-Builder
Services: Presentation

2016 e-Builder Elevate Conference Keynote

Reaching new heights of excitement on the mainstage

e-Builder came to CGI Interactive when they needed a keynote presentation that would help set the tone and generate excitement for their 2016 Elevate Conference. Following a quick energetic video that CGI also created, the keynote needed to keep the momentum going, set a tone of collaboration, and play up on the Elevate theme. Since this was only the second year that the conference had been branded a main goal was to establish a strong brand for the conference that related to, but was independent from the e-Builder brand.

Our team offered two distinct visual approaches based on the Elevate theme and logo. Ultimately, a combination of these approaches was chosen and refined, and we were able to leverage the playful style of their existing conference logo (which visually referenced a crane).


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