What Are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat, the 150 Million daily user photo/video messaging app has officially entered the fashion market. The number six app in the AppStore is making a spectacle with their new sunglasses called “Spectacles.” These sunglasses aren’t your everyday shades, there’s a twist. The funky designed Spectacles are bluetooth enabled and have embedded HD cameras that record 10 second videos and pictures directly to Snapchat.

Video is shot in a 115º panoramic format that mimics the human eye’s natural field of view. The $129 video sunglasses are extremely hard to come by and have been gaining a lot of attention due to their unique unveiling strategy.

Image by Snap inc.

Leading up to Snapchat Spectacles, the company renamed themselves Snap Inc. due to their venture into the consumer hardware space. They then unrolled a bizarre marketing strategy across the country. Yellow billboards covered with eyeballs have began popping up out of nowhere. These billboards did not have one word on them and stirred some interesting conversations about what Snap Inc. was up to. All of the sudden Snapbots, vending machines full of Spectacles have begun to appear around the country. The yellow vending machines with balloons attached, resemble a character with the same eyeball from the billboards. If you are lucky enough to be around a Snapbot, you can purchase a pair of Spectacles for yourself.

Spectacles billboard - Boston, MA

Snap is trying to do what the Google Glass couldn’t do in terms of first-person-video technology. The buzz around Spectacles is showing that they may just pull it off. One feature that consumers are pleased with are the lights that appear around the camera when a user is recording video. Google Glass was ridiculed for allowing video to be recorded without anybody knowing. Snap inc. took privacy into serious consideration when adding that feature.

Image Via Spectacles Twitter

Spectacles mark a milestone for video. What makes me excited is Snap’s mission to capture video in the most human way possible. I think Spectacles are a stepping stone for what we will see from Snap Inc. in the future.