Snapchat Wins Gold in Rio

As the Olympic games are coming to a close, Snapchat is leading the pack. The app made popular by millennials has erupted with 49 million unique visitors viewing Olympics content, almost a third of the 150 million daily active users of the app.

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have all been fighting the “Live” war, working their hardest to become the social network that tech users engage with the most during popular live events. This is also known as the “second screen.” Snapchat is currently striking gold. The Venice, California tech startup recently inked a deal with NBC, the official broadcaster of the Olympic games in Rio. This partnership gave NBC the opportunity to create live and behind-the-scenes content for Snapchat’s Discover Feed, a Snapchat portal full of native content including news, gossip, sports and more. Users can check in on their favorite events and engage with popular athletes inside their favorite app.

Below, one Snapchat Discover story shows the U.S. Women’s Sabre team holding up their bronze medals. Next to that, you can see gold medalist Michael Phelps making a funny face during an Olympics parade.

It is shots like these that make Snapchat such a powerful platform. Users get an inside look that was never before possible. It’s a much different experience watching your favorite athlete on live television, but seeing them face to face in a much more relaxed environment is humanizing to say the least. NBC also creates content and interactive stories that give a deeper look into the Olympians themselves. An example of this is the lighthearted article (right) titled “Weird Thoughts Olympians Have Before They Compete.” Users can then slide up to interact with the entire piece of content. This is a great example of “interactive content.”

Snapchat has become the “second screen” for 40 million Snapchat users during these Olympic games. In their most recent update Snapchat put a larger emphasis on the Discover Feed (see left). This has helped increase user engagement with the new pieces of content. More than 10 billion videos are now watched on Snapchat every day, compared with 8 billion on Facebook. Expect that to only grow in the near future due to Snapchat’s recent partnerships. More on that to come.

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