3 Reasons You Should Be Using SlideShare In Your Content Strategy

Have you heard about SlideShare by LinkedIn? Well, just in case you haven’t, here are 3 reasons why SlideShare needs to be a part of your content strategy.

1. Repurposing Blog Posts

Re-purposing content is one of the 10 commandments of content marketing. A great way to do this is by taking your blog post and re-purposing it as a slide deck. You do this by gathering the major points of the article and visually representing those points in a slide presentation. This is not only easy to do but it will begin to generate traffic from a different source.

Many of us are visual learners. Sometimes re-purposing your content will finally help connect with your audience.


Re-purposing a blog post in a slide deck on Slideshare

2. Qualified Leads

Your audience matters. How you reach your audience is even more important. SlideShare allows you to engage your customers and prospects in a platform they are comfortable in, LinkedIn.

SlideShare presentations can not only be shared and viewed natively in the LinkedIn platform, they can also be used as targeted paid ads. This is exciting because as marketers, we care about qualified leads. Through LinkedIn, you can target the right prospects and customers with your SlideShare presentations.

CGI Quick Tip

Remember this, over 80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors come through targeted search. When you create a SlideShare make sure your title and tags are in line with what your main audience is searching for on the web.

3. Amazing SEO

SlideShare has a page authority of 79 and a domain authority of 95.

In plain English, this is powerful SEO. If you are having trouble getting your blog or website to show up in search results, SlideShare will help you reach your audience faster. In other words, it’s a no brainer.

In conclusion, transforming your blog posts and articles into SlideShare decks is a quick and easy way to add more content to your marketing strategy. Be creative and have some fun with this. Your audience will thank you.

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Thank you for your time!