Responsive Design for Social Media

Your Marketing Efforts Need Visuals

Visual content plays an important role in marketing efforts. This is evident when you take a look at today’s social campaigns. They’re packed with promotional images, infographics, and videos. Businesses are increasingly investing in visual content because it consistently performs well on all the major social channels.

If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as your main social channels, be aware they’re all unique platforms with different preferred image dimensions. Too often, businesses don’t consider this and post identical visual content to each of these channels. This is a problem.

Why? Think about a website. What do you do when you visit a website that was clearly designed only for desktop and is completely broken on your phone? You leave and never come back! A website must be optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. The same thinking needs to be applied to your social channels.

Your visual content should be formatted for the platform it’s being viewed on. If you’re not optimizing your content for every channel, you’re giving your audience a mediocre viewing experience with graphics that feel out of place and difficult to digest. What looks great on Facebook might look wrong when Instagram crops it into a square.

Optimizing Your Content

At CGI Interactive, we use a Photoshop file that we made as a template for creating social media graphics. Each artboard (the digital canvas) has specific dimensions for each of the social media channels we use. Some people say that you need a different sized image for every single platform, but in my experience you really only need four image variations for your daily social posts. Here is what our template looks like.

Artboard 1: Facebook and Linkedin - Dimensions: 900px wide, 600px tall

Artboard 2: Twitter - Dimensions: 600px wide, 335px tall

Artboard 3: Instagram - Dimensions: 1080px square

Artboard 4: Instagram Stories - Dimensions: 1080px wide, 1920px tall

By adjusting the text and image layout to fit the different dimensions, we create native viewing experiences that integrate seamlessly into every social media platform. Giving your audience the best possible viewing experience factors in more strongly than you might think when trying to make a memorable impression.

Note: This content has been updated for 2020.

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