Project Spotlight - Visualizing The Racial Wealth Audit™

Project Overview:

The Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP) from Brandeis University's Heller School, recently came to CGI Interactive for our help visualizing the power of their Racial Wealth Audit Tool™. IASP teamed up with Demos to shed light on the racial wealth gap in America. “The Racial Wealth Audit™ is a framework that yields a better understanding of how a policy or program might impact the racial wealth gap. In particular, the Racial Wealth Audit™ can be used to evaluate the effect of housing, education and labor policies on the wealth gap between white, black, and Latino families. Drawing on data from the nationally representative Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) and the Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), the Racial Wealth Audit™ measures how current racial disparities in wealth would change if key racial wealth gap factors were equalized.” (source)

Getting Started

When IASP came to us, they were looking to create an interactive tool that would visualize data pulled from the Racial Wealth Audit™. When we took a closer look at the data provided, we realized that an interactive tool or calculator would not be the right fit for this project. We decided to pitch a scrolling story microsite that would outline their findings focusing on three different aspects of the racial wealth gap and the impact policies can have on them. The main objective was to help IASP and Demos’ audience better understand how The Racial Wealth Audit Tool™ can be a valuable filter for understanding how policy impacts our nation's substantial racial and ethnic wealth inequalities. We also wanted peak the audience’s curiosity through data and real life stories so that they were inspired to download the full report. IASP and Demos agreed that a microsite would tell this story more effectively and off we went into the design phase!

The Process

We designed and developed a fully custom microsite in HTML 5. While this microsite was one page within a larger site, the main site had barely begun design. We worked based on the initial designs provided and a simple color scheme to create a strong design. This struck a nice balance between Brandeis’ colors and the larger photos used on the site. Our copywriter worked on content and editing for the entire piece. Throughout the process, communication between CGI Interactive and IASP was very clear. Both parties were on the same page with expectations, deadlines and turnaround. This was an extremely enjoyable project!

Graph Scrolling Animation
Rollover Flip Animation
Navigation Bar Scrolling Animation
Icon Gradients


The clients were very happy with the end product and we were too! Here are a some quotes from them.

People LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And we love it too.

You guys are the best. Seriously.

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Thank you for your time!