Project Spotlight: FARO Technologies | Bringing 3D to Life

3D projects are among my most favorite to work on.

Recently, FARO, the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology came to CGI Interactive when they needed a series of product videos for their TracerM Laser Projector. They wanted us to help them visualize the TracerM Laser Projector in four market sectors, all of which revolved around assembly of industrial components. To do this, we came up with four vignettes in related industries that would show the projector in context.

The primary use of this equipment is to project a preset graphic onto a work surface, so that it can be used as a virtual guide for the placement of parts, or for lining up different components. The graphic is derived directly from a CAD drawing, so it’s much more accurate than using a paper template (which is the traditional workflow).

The creative brief included several important objectives. We needed to create videos that could be viewed and understood without sound, subtitles or voiceover. They needed to look contemporary and portray FARO as an innovator in the space. And, we needed to be highly accurate with respect to how we were showing the projector being used. The visuals evolved into a sort of 3D blueprint style, with the equipment highlighted in bold color and detail and the human figures taking on a more diagrammatic look.

FARO provided us with a fully detailed 3D model of the laser projector. This was tremendously helpful in both understanding the inner-workings of the projector and portraying it accurately. I also did some custom modeling for many of the scene objects (such as the welding table), as well as stock models for things like vehicles.

Working with FARO was a great experience. The individuals with whom we collaborated with were very familiar with the technical aspects of the projector and could explain in depth how the technology worked. This was a huge help throughout the design and animation process.

Primarily the 3D work is done in Maxon Cinema 4D. This is where I can model, set up the scene and lighting, and animate. The renders are then composited in Adobe After effects, where I add text and additional graphics, as well as color correct and incorporate the separate render passes such as shadows and reflections.

This project was so enjoyable partially because of my own interest in aviation and transportation technology.

— Rob Edwards | Senior Motion Designer

This project was so enjoyable partially because of my own interest in aviation and transportation technology. One of my hobbies is collecting model planes, and my computer desk at CGI is festooned with examples of those aircraft (one of which became the basis for the airframe in the visual verification video).

And animating the trucks, trains and fighter jets we used in our outro segments was a ton of fun.

FARO was very happy with the 4 videos we created for them, which were initially used in a webinar. Additionally, they are flexible enough to be adapted for a wide variety of marketing purposes.