In The Lab: Chris Raymond

When working in advertising, I’ve learned it’s important to experiment. Whether it’s opening some software and playing around with settings I’m unfamiliar with, to trudging through 45 minute tutorials in broken English trying to explain some complex elements of 3D modeling. The hard part is getting that process started and seeing it through to some sort of end you can look back at.

Keep in mind, not all experiments are successful. I cannot tell you how many times halfway through a tutorial, my computer screen looks nothing like the demonstrator's. This is the point where I begin to slam my head on my desk and ponder what it would be like if I just wandered into the woods and started a new life there.

On the positive end of that spectrum, there comes a point somewhere in an experiment where you realize what you are creating is somewhat interesting. It is delicate and prone to over complication, so in attempt to capture those moments I create small thumbnails or looping gifs of these experiments when presented with a little downtime. Here is what I've been up to in the lab lately.

Flat Shapes and Playful Expressions

3D Experiments

Outline of flat graphic done in Adobe Illustrator
3D model and animation done in Cinema4D
Gameboi - finished product

Piano flat graphic done in Adobe Illustrator
Finished product! - 3D model and animation done in Cinema4D

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