How to Create 15 Pieces of Content from 1 Video

Do you often have a difficult time finding new ideas for content? It’s not always easy serving your audience fresh content every morning. Repurposing is an effective strategy that allows you to create new content from old. Right about now you must be thinking “But how do I repurpose content effectively?” EASY. Let’s take a look at how to create 15 pieces of content from 1 video! That’s right, 15.

Let’s go.

#1 - The Video

First we start with the source of our content. Our main video will be the gift that keeps on giving. New pieces of content that is! In this video, our designer Rob Edwards talks about how he brought 3D to life in our recent project with FARO Technologies.

#2 #3 #4 #5 #6 - Create 5 Quote Images From The Video

First, we took a look at the full video and picked 5 quotes from our designer, Rob, that really stood out! Now, we’ll use our social media design template to create images from these quotes for all of our social channels. Then we’ll link to the full video, or the FARO project from these social posts.

Quote Image 1
Quote Image 2
Quote Image 3
Quote Image 4
Quote Image 5

#7 #8 #9 #10 #11 - Produce 5 Short Snippet Videos

In case your audience doesn’t have time to watch your entire video, it’s a good practice to edit it into a few shorter videos that contain key message points. Going through a larger video and pulling out snippets for shorter videos allows you to create easily digestible content. We can then use these videos to point back to the main piece of content whether that’s the full video or the full FARO project.

#12 - Create An Instagram Story (Preview Vertical Video)

Instagram stories are an effective way to reach a wider audience on Instagram. These stories allow you to reach your audience on their mobile device with short form content. At CGI Interactive, we use Instagram stories to give short previews of content. Then, we invite our audience to click the link in our Instagram bio if they want to see the full shebang!

#13 - Write A Blog Post

By working through the video content, we were able to harvest enough information to write a blog post based on what Rob had to say. This creates another avenue for promoting the video since it can be embedded at the bottom of the blog post. This gives our audience many ways to consume the content, opening more possibilities that they will see it.

Click Image to go to blog post

#14 - Repurpose In A Newsletter

Have you heard of the Rule of 7? Your audience needs to hear or see your message 7 times before they will remember it. Repurposing your video in your email newsletter is an effective way to get more eyes on your content. In our latest email newsletter, we created a thumbnail image using a screenshot from the video and placed a play button over it. The thumbnail links to the full YouTube video.

Click to see the full newsletter

#15 - Produce 1 Paid Social Ad

Repurposing the video for a paid social media ad helps us place the video in front of eyes our agency would not reach organically. This also allows us to position the content in a way that intrigues the audience that we’re targeting. For this specific paid ad, we used Facebook.

Example of Facebook Ad

There you have it! 15 pieces of content from just 1 video. You can use this blog post as a guide for the next time you want to repurpose a video that you have created. Now that we have these 15 pieces of content, we can sit back and relax, knowing that we have content that points back to an important asset for quite some time! I hope this blog post has helped you see how easy it is to create content when you have just one asset to work with.

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Thank you for your time!