Facebook Just Injected Steroids Into Their Ad Platform

Facebook just introduced a MAJOR feature to their Facebook Ad platform.

The feature will soon begin to be rolled out to all advertisers on the platform. This will change the way marketers re-target audiences forever. As long as you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you will be able to reap the benefits of this amazing feature. More on that later.

Marketers can now re-target audiences with ads based on the amount of time spent on their website. Previously one could create a “Website Custom Audience” through the Ads Manager of those who visited your website generally or visited a specific page. This is another great option that will allow us to focus only on the most active visitors. Facebook explains this feature as,

This allows you to create an audience based on the relative amount of time people spend on your website. We recommend installing the Pixel on every page for the best results.

Facebook Pixel

If you do not know what the Facebook Pixel is, there are a couple things you should know. It should be on your website! Every. Single. Page. It is a line of code that your website manager adds to each page of your website. This code will then report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights about how people use your website.

The Facebook Ads platform continuously adds more advanced features for its users. It is exciting to see the progress being made in the paid ad space. This new retargeting feature will be adopted quickly by all who use the Facebook Ads Manager and its Pixel.

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