9 Quick and Dirty Tips to Crush It with Facebook Video!

If you aren’t putting your video content on Facebook you have untapped potential that is waiting right around the corner. If you do put videos on Facebook and aren’t seeing the results you want, then you’ve come to the right place. I have 9 quick and dirty tips to help you crush it with Facebook video.

1. Always Post Natively

When posting your video to Facebook it is super important that you upload your video file directly to Facebook. You might ask, “Why can’t I just post the link to my YouTube video, doesn’t this just make more work for myself?” Yes. It’s more work, but if you want more views and better engagement you will take this extra step. Here’s the truth, Facebook and YouTube are in an all out war for who will become the KING of video content. The algorithms Facebook uses favor native video content versus video content linked from a third party website like YouTube. This is proven through many studies like the one from Search Engine Journal that states, “on average, native videos reach 2.04 times more people, getting 2.38 times more likes, 2.67 times more shares, and 7.43 times more comments.” The data doesn’t rest here folks. Posting natively to Facebook is simple and effective. See below on how you can post natively on Facebook yourself.

1. Go to your Facebook page and click on "Photos/Video."

2. Click on "Upload Photos/Video" and you will be brought to your hard drive.

3. Choose the video you want to upload. Make sure your video file is a supported format. More on that here.

4. Say something about your video. Add a title and some tags. (This will help people find your video who search for it.)

5. You can get fancy and add a custom thumbnail. (The screen your audience sees before the video plays.) Facebook also gives you about 5-10 different thumbnail options based on screenshots they take from your video.

6. Click publish and you have just posted a native Facebook video!

2. Keep it Short. Keep it Simple.

Short videos on Facebook do much better than long ones. When creating your video this is something that should be top of mind. Rather than creating a 10 minute video covering a wide variety of topics, create ten separate 1 minute videos. If you do this, two things will happen. You will have better engagement on each of your ten videos and you will have much more content to share for the future! Your audience’s retention rate is key to making sure they receive the main message put forth in your video. According to Social Bakers, videos that made up the top 25% completion rate in their study were <21 seconds long. As the videos were longer, their completion rate decreased. Keep your videos short, and see your engagement rates go through the roof.

3. Slice ‘em up.

Longer videos that you have stored away on your YouTube channel and hard drive can be repurposed by sending them back to the editing suite and slicing them up. You and your team should decide which videos make sense to create snippets of and then add a call to action or a link to the full video at the end. For example, take a 10 minute interview video, slice it up and post the best moments from the interview on Facebook. This will give you more content to post and will engage your audience by posting short videos like we talked about earlier.

4. Captions…Captions…Captions

Believe it or not, 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound off. Yes you read that right. Is video coming full circle? Are we heading back to the era of Charlie Chaplin? Not quite, but this does mean that we must prepare our video content for the majority of our audience. According to Facebook, videos with captions are watched an average of 12% longer than videos that don’t have them. There are a couple of ways you can add captions to your videos. The first way is by uploading an .SRT file. Facebook outlines how to do that here. If you don’t want to do that, you can also have your video editor add captions into the video during the editing process by adding text at the bottom of the screen. This won’t be too time consuming if you are sticking with the short videos.

5. Embed In A Blog Post

Facebook gives you the ability to seamlessly embed a Facebook video onto your website or blog. Take advantage of your entire audience and write a blog post about the topic you cover in your Facebook video. Grab your embed code from Facebook and pop that video right into your blog. This will allow your reader to engage with your video even if they don’t like your Facebook page and it gives them options for how they consume your content. You will get more views this way and hopefully will gain a few new fans as well! How do I embed a Facebook Video on my website or blog?

6. Link Out From Your Email Newsletter

Most businesses have an email newsletter. This is a great avenue of traffic that allows us to get our Facebook video in front of more eyes. Before we get into details, you must know, according to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate. By adding video, you will increase your email performance while at the same time making your Facebook video more successful! Here are a few tips. You must have the word “video” visible in your email subject line. This will lead to 19% higher open rates according to Syndacast. In your email you should also have a screenshot of your Facebook video with your preferred copy around it. It should look as authentic as possible. See below for the type of screenshot you should have in your email. This will get you better engagement on your video while simultaneously pushing more traffic to your Facebook page.

Example of a good screenshot for your email

7. Stay Human

Every video you post on Facebook doesn’t have to be a Hollywood feature film production. Yes, it’s great to have beautiful video and at times it does make a big difference. I challenge you to just pick up your phone and start recording. Your audience on Facebook is dying to take a peek at the real you. Have a quick conversation with a fellow employee, take a quick tour around your office or just say hello to your audience. You’d be surprised at how much engagement you get on something like this. Try posting the type of video you would normally have on your personal Facebook account or on your company page. Your audience will thank you! Our friends over at Guy Bauer do an AWESOME job at this. See below for inspiration.

8. Go LIVE

Live streaming is beginning to get very popular. Although the jump into live video can be a scary one, I urge you to test it out. You may have seen in your Facebook newsfeed a video with the the Facebook live icon up on the top right of the window. Facebook is beginning to take livestreaming very seriously and have even taken action by making live videos show up at the top of your newsfeed. This is great news for publishers because we can reach a larger audience organically with a live video than we can with a non-live one. So how do we do this? There are two ways to tackle Facebook live. The easy way is on your mobile device by clicking on “LIVE” in your Facebook Pages app (image below). That will work well, but sometimes we want to go the extra mile. Facebook Live gives us amazing capabilities to stream WHATEVER we want including, events, webinars, presentations and more. To do this we need some help from some software called OBS. To learn how you can stream anything you want to Facebook live, check out this great video that explains step by step how you can do this. CA Technologies, has been streaming their full CA World event on Facebook live. You can see a video from their event below.

How to go LIVE on your Facebook Pages app.

9. Create Shareable Content

The most important thing to keep in mind when using Facebook video is to create content that your audience will want to share. This is the toughest part. Being able to stand out from the crowd and continuously create creative video content is a challenge that all brands face. If you don’t create videos that your audience wants to share, you will never reach the amount of people you want. It all comes back to this. In order to reap the benefits of all these tips, you must start with a great video. Keep it short, keep it human and stay creative. If you want some more ideas for types of videos to create on Facebook, I wrote a blog on this over on the Brightcove blog.

Keep it short, keep it human and stay creative.

If you have more questions regarding Facebook video or anything at all, please reach out to me on my Twitter account @andybuku. I would be happy to connect!