How-To: Creating a Successful B2B Facing Video

Creating a great video takes a lot of effort. As marketers, visual content is key to increasing engagement with customers and prospects. There is nothing worse than watching a video you are proud of under perform. There are many steps we can take as marketers to make sure this does not happen.

Understanding your audience, crafting a great story and distributing your content correctly will lead you to success.


Understanding your audience is a big piece of the equation. Whether you are B2B or B2C, you are still marketing towards a person. A business or a machine is not watching your video, a person is. Before putting together a video, create some buyer personas to better understand who you’re going to put this piece of content in front of. After you know this, it’s time to get creative.


A great story will make a video thrive. I spoke to our creative director, Brent Rutter, to get his thoughts on what makes a successful story. He said,

Customers can easily spot a marketing pitch and tune out. Socially, we share through stories so it’s a much more personal format. It’s the difference between talking at someone and talking to someone. When it comes to the story you need to walk the fine line of finding a scenario that’s not so specific that many people can’t relate or on the other end of the spectrum so generic that it doesn’t have any real value. Know your audience.

— Brent Rutter - CGI Interactive Creative Director

Making your viewer “feel” something is the key to creating a successful story. A great example of this is the Extra Gum commercial from 2015. Take a look below.


You could essentially have a great piece of content and still get zero views. Where and how you distribute your video content is the final piece of the puzzle. Time after time, businesses spend money on a creating a video and get zero ROI from it. Learning how to promote your video the right way will solve this. So here are some thoughts on where to distribute your video content depending on what type of video you have created.

Brand Awareness Video

A great brand awareness video works well when distributed through the right channels. Social media is the best place to put a brand awareness. You should consider uploading this video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is important to upload natively to Facebook and Twitter. What this means is, rather than sharing your YouTube video on your business’ Facebook and Twitter page, upload the video directly to Facebook and Twitter’s video players. Native video not only creates a better experience for your viewer due to autoplay and algorithms, but will also get you more clicks!

According to, videos posted on Facebook natively have a 13.2% organic reach when compared to an embedded YouTube having only a 7.9% organic reach.

Product Explainer Video

1. Create a blog post about a problem your product solves and embed the video in the post

2. Take that blog post and send it to your prospects in an email

3. Embed your video on your website product pages

Using these tips, you can publicize your video in a way that will connect with your audience!

CGI Quick Tip

Target fans of the person you are interviewing. Even if they’re not the target, they will promote sharing and widen your brand awareness.

4. In your next email blast include a thumbnail in the email that links to your video

Using these tips, your expert interview videos can do a great job pulling in new leads for your business. No matter what type of video you are creating, remember these three things: audience, story and distribution.

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