The Coolest Stuff from 2016

2016 was a year jam-packed with creativity pushed to the limits! We created a list of the 10 coolest videos, interactive designs and new technology we saw in 2016.


Parallel Studios did a tremendous job bringing these everyday cringe-worthy situations to life. The beautiful motion work mixed with some great sound design is a must-watch!


Have you ever dreamed of being front row at the biggest game of the year? NextVR is a name to keep in mind in 2017. They are just getting started and are making the dreams of many sports fans a reality. NextVR uses the latest in camera technology to stream professional sporting events live, straight to your virtual reality headset. NextVR has partnered with the NBA, NFL, NBC and many more sports outlets to begin streaming games in 2016. Be on the lookout in 2017 for NextVR to be a household name.

Google Tilt Brush

This is a canvas the world has never seen before! The Brush allows users with a VR headset to create masterpieces in 3D space. The freedom is something our design team is ready to explore. Keep an eye out for some incredible ideas for 2017!

Gotta Catch Em’ All – Pokemon Go!

The introduction of Pokemon Go quickly became an overnight sensation. Everywhere you went it seemed like people were roaming the streets trying to catch the next best Pokemon! Our designer Chris Cefole said “These Augmented Reality games are totally transforming the way people interact with their devices and the environment. It’s the start of an experiential revolution. Now greater ideas and products have a jumping off point to leap into the next progression of technology.”


I had the chance to demo the Meta 2 at BEAM Boston this Fall. The Meta 2, unveiled by Meta CEO Meron Gribetz at the 2016 TED conference is something to keep an eye on. The augmented reality headset allowed me to have a 90º field of view that placed holograms in my environment that I could move and touch with my very own hands. At one point in the demo, I was able to hold a Nike shoe in my hand, stretch it to make it larger and literally put my head inside and look around!

Stranger Things (Opening Credits)

In this science fiction, web TV series, a young boy in a small town disappears, and it’s up to his friends to uncover a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl. This 2016 hit show left Netflix lovers binge-watching the series. We loved their opening credits with typography inspired by 1980’s sci-fi novels. The smooth animation is almost addicting to watch. The theme song sticks in your head and creates a truly memorable viewable experience.

Milky Way Reflection

Russian photographer Daniel Kordan took this photo in the Altiplano region of west-central South America, an area known for its complete darkness. On his travels he captured the Uyuni salt flat with a special astrophotography camera. This type of camera sees light that the human eyes cannot. Daniel brought the milky way to life with this astonishing picture.

Hide & Seek Hospital

The walls of Sheffield Children’s Hospital have come to life! Thanks to artists Mark Oliver and Mark Long, children can now play hide and seek with weird and crazy creatures throughout the entire facility! The characters were designed by the patients themselves. Led by Pencil and Help, the children’s ideas were brought to life, brightening the experience of thousands of visitors. We thought this was a clever way to bring imagination to life.

Get Up And Dance!

Method Studios really out did themselves on this one. The 3D animation in this piece is simply mind-bending, you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Method Studios described their video by saying “Motion capture, procedural animation and dynamic simulations combine to create a milieu of iconic pop dance moves that become an explosion of colorful fur, feathers, particles and more.” Treat your eyes and give this viral video a watch.

Jeep Portraits

When it comes to great storytelling, Jeep’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial took the crown and we couldn’t agree more. The beautiful pictures mixed with the strong voiceover and background music came together flawlessly. We also loved how they made this video a vertical format. It looked great on TV but also fit perfectly on mobile devices, which helped fuel countless shares on social media.

We hope you are just as inspired as we were by the coolest s#!* we saw in 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 and hope to see just as much creativity in the new year!