3 Quick Tips for a Professional Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio can make a big difference when you’re trying to gain more followers. So first impressions are important. In light of Instagram passing the 700 million user mark, we thought it would be a cool idea to offer a few tips on how you can clean up that Instagram bio of yours!

1. Spacing

Add some spacing to your Instagram bio. With a quick glance, your audience will be able to see who you are and what you do. If you have tried to add spaces in your Instagram bio before, you may have had some trouble. The trick is to use your iPhone’s note app to type out your bio, formatted with spaces! If you don’t have the notes app you can also do this in the Facebook app by typing your bio into the new status field. Then, you can copy and paste into Instagram. You’re format will stay intact. Below are some screenshots to help you out.

2. Emojis

We all love emojis, and we use them in our text messages everyday. They are also a great way to spice up your Instagram bio. By adding different emoji’s to the beginning of each line of your bio, you help convey you or your brand’s personality! Remember to add these emojis in your notes app to make sure the formatting stays the same!

Download: Photoshop Social Media Design Template.

3. Call to Action

Your call to action can effectively increase the chance that your audience is actually going to “click the link in your bio.” All you need to do is add some copy of your choice at the bottom of your bio and then include a down arrow or a pointing finger emoji. This will help guide your viewer's eyes to where the link is. See below for our example.

Taking the time to tighten up your Instagram bio is well worth it. Think of it as a living snapshot for yourself or business. You want your audience to receive your message quickly and easily. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for your time!