A 10¢ Presentation

You just spent $250K on a brand refresh, you overhauled the new website for another $250K, and now you are sending out your front line sales reps with a 10 cent presentation?

It happens all the time, your numbers might be on a smaller scale but even today’s top global brands allow this to happen all the time. Your brand and your website get all of the budget and the attention. Rightly so, but what happens when those potential partners, customers and clients do inquire and request a meeting? In many cases your sales team is, to quote a client “going rogue”. They take the liberty to customize the company presentation to their unique style and flow that works for them!

This practice begins to erode your brand, waters down the message, and can be confusing to those coveted partners, customers, and clients that your brand and website efforts were able to attract in the first place. Sales suffer.

So as the CMO or VP of Marketing – what are your options? Of course, the best practice would be to include presentations in the brand discussions. The only problem with that of course – is that your brand agency likely doesn’t specialize in presentations. Even more likely, your web agency knows even less. It’s not their expertise and it shouldn’t be.

If you are fortunate enough to attract traffic with your well thought out SEO strategy, beautiful UI/UX experience it is crucial to ensure that you continue the brand experience once the face to face client interactions begins.

You need to find a presentation specialist. If you’re lucky, you find a designer who truly understands and embraces presentations. Not trying to be a wise guy, but you might have better luck playing the lottery. However, if you do find that unique blend of talent, consider yourself lucky.

Your design professional will help you from start to finish. They will study your brand, your messaging, your competitors, your marketing strategies (these guys are damn good) and will present you with a plan. A plan to present to all your different audiences - keynotes, investors, corporate and product presentations. All with the brand integrity locked in place that you worked so hard on when this all began.

Presentations are essential and if you take care of this important – often overlooked deliverable – ultimately YOU are the one who will end up looking good.